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Big events

Music, danses, shows… something for all tastes.

Famous festivals, cultural events, infernal races ! Plenty of good reasons why the Combrailles is unmissable.

Show and festivals

Festival Bach en Combrailles
2nd week of August
Created more than 15 years ago, it remains an unmissable date for music lovers and musicians from around the world and centers around the organ of Pontaumur (replica of the organ used by Jean-Sébastien Bach in Arnstadt, Germany)
Musical program 

Les Fêtes musicales du château de Pionsat
End of July beginning of August
Creayed more than 30 years ago to promote the castle, this festival has since the start received internationally renowned musciens. They favour the intimacy of the Renaissance of the 20th century.
Musical program

Evenings at Chazeron
End of July
Since 1988, multiple artists have come to Chazeron. In 2016 a dynamic programme team made classical, pop-folk and salsa music resonate in a unique place, in the courtyard of the castle of Chazeron, with a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Musical program

Festival Ernest Monpied 
End of March mid April
This young festival regoups different expressive artists (theatre, slam, dance, music, exhibitions, lectures….) for a convergence between actors, amateurs and the pubic and to promote local heritage.

Festival Les Arts à l’œuvre 
This festival is firstly a fusion between a place and  personality dedicated to creation and live performance. Les Arts à l’œuvre offer cultural highlights in rural areas, high quality !
04 73 21 83 70.

Cultural Effervescences in Combrailles: program shows all year round: La Passerelle, the intercommunal season of the Pays de Saint-Eloy-Les-Mines, Les Amis du Prieuré, Le Chatô. Concerts, theater, exhibitions, concerts, shows for young audiences. Effervescences newsletter.

Outdoring activities

La Tazenat – Mountain Bike hike
8 may
Route that crosses the Combrailles of 50, 70 and 100km.

A pedestrian race of  around 13 km, interspersed with obstacles (trenches, hedges, walls, water…)

Other events in the Combrailles


Le marché de Potiers à Gouttières
The pottery market of Gouttières
An unmissable market with around 40 exhibitors representing the quality of their craftmanship. A different theme is presented every year.

La Foire de Giat
This market is the largest regular market in the Combrailles with over 150 exhibitors. There are 22 per year and on the  9th August a special one with a flea market. 
The foires


The Creches of Landogne
Around Christmas the village of Landogne is illuminated with hundreds of creches from around the world, a magical event.
The Creches of Landogne


Comboros : Festival of traditional music and dance at Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne
This will be a traditional event !
With balls, music and danse workshops (for all levels), muscians and artists market, concerts, confrences, musical parades…. Open to everyone! The good spirited, those who want to danse and play, share and meet others. The festival is centered around sharing, training and celebration.