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Geocaching - discover the caches of the Combrailles

A new generation treasure hunt.

You will discover the richness of the Combrailles in a playful and original way.

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What is Geocaching ?

- The geocaching is about looking for ‘caches’. The caches are small containers hidden in the nature and are geo-referenced on an official website:
- Once you have found the cache, you note your passage (date, nickname and a comment, if you have enough room) in the logbook in the container.
- Certain caches contain objects. If you wish, you can take them as long as you replace it with something else of equal or greater value.
- You must always replace the cache in the same place that you found it.

The Combrailles Tourist Office propose 2 types of caches :

  • Traditional caches : All the information (GPS coordinates, clues…) are provided to take you directly to the exact position of the cache.
  • Multi Caches : These are realised in several stages, each stage gives you a clue which makes it possible to reconstruct the coordinates of the final cache. 

How does it work? 3 possible supports

1- Equipped with your smartphone (Android and iPhone)
1.Create an account, free of charge on in a few seconds !
2. Download the application which corresponds with your smartphone (Click on the QR code to download it)

 Android - C:geo - free
IOS - Geocaching - free
Attention : The free application Geocaching Intro offered on the site is valuable for all smartphone exploitation systems but does not allow you to have access to all the existing caches, only the traditional caches, easy level. 

3. Find a cache either by its geocode (GC) or its location…
4. Save cache for offline use (without internet connection) 
2- Download and print the PDF file

3 – Equipped with your GPS
You will find the GPS coordinates for each cache on the application as well as on the printed information sheet.

Locate the caches !

Multi caches 

1/ Butte et marais de Saint-Pierre-le-Chastel

2/ Le secret d’Herment
Caches traditionnelles :

1/ Château-Rocher

3/ L'abri des pendus

We regularly update the list of caches, do not hesitate to check it again!