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Supermarché Auchan

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Self-service, food and consumer products.
Local products for sale here:
"Valhalla" beers from Pontaumur
Beer from the "Brasserie des montagnes" in Gelles
Assortment of "Mère Lavergne" pâtés from Saint Flour
Honey of Mr Mallet Noël de Pontaumur
Confectionery of "Monk Confectioner" of Vichy
"Biscuits des volcans" by Cournon d'Auvergne
Jams "Abbaye de Sept-Fons" by Diou
"Children of the Volcanoes" cookies from Clerlande
Flour from the "Moulin de la Ribeyre" in Cournon d'Auvergne
Cooked dish "Julhes" from Saint Flour
"Louderc" plum liqueur from Aurillac
"Wines of the donkeys", "altitude" of Châteaugay
"Auvergnole", "Earthquake", "Mister cock", "Impromptu" by Veyre Monton
Saint Verny’s "Salers"
"Terre & fusion" by Châteaugay
"Pages" Saint Germain Laprade
"Gentianes" of the Cantal.
Opening day(s)

From 02 January to 30 December (every year)

Every day except Sunday


Supermarché Auchan
Rue de Niederwerth
Phone : +33 4 73 79 71 02
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