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The label dissabled tourisme

What is it ?

A logo that guarantees a welcome for everyone, accessability and comfort.

Created in 2001 the label « disabled tourism » marque of the french gouvernment, for the purpose of providing reliable information, descriptive and objective, concerning the accessibility of tourist sites, taking into consideration the 4 types of disability (hearing, mental, physical and visual) and to develop an offer that is adapted to their needs. Now available in our tourtist brochures, on our website and organisations in charge of promotion, this logo indicates that the tourist professional concerned, has voluntarily taken the steps to welcome the public with disabilities. All that has been put in place to welcome disabled holiday makers or visitors is very useful to all…

 4 disabilities have been taken into account for this label :
  • Physical disability : a partial or total disability affecting the mobility and sometimes  difficulty in expressing themselves or controlling their gestures.
  • Mental disability : A disability of comprehension, communication and decision making. Experiences difficulties in space and time.
  • Hearing impaired / Deaf : relating to perception, deciphering messages, sounds and speech.
  • Visually impaired / Blind : This can be partial or total (understanding the world using their other senses) Often moving around with the assistance of a white cane allowing them to detect obstacles in their way or with the use of a guide dog.
An establishment can obtain the label for one or more disabilities, according to its facilities and equipment and their response to the needs of disabled people
Find fullinformation on this label and the criteria to obtain it on the national website
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